Apple crumb vitatop: a review

I ordered these babies mostly for the hubs to try. He loves all things apple so I thought he would like the apple crumb better than apple berry.

For those "not in the know" a vitatop is a treat for a dieter, especially a WW person. These things come in a variety of flavors and are about 100 cal, 1 fat, 6 fiber and 3+ protein. And they taste good. I eat them for breakfast sometimes or more likely dessert.

I ate it room temperature - which is how I prefer my non-chocolate vitatops, but I have to admit I was not impressed. I mean, it was good, but not amazing. It was equally as good as the apple-berry vitatop. However, if you want to eat a vitatop for breakfast, my first choice would be banana nut.

Other flavors I will be trying from this shipment: Chocolate mint, raisin bran and blue bran.

I do have to give vitalicious props for the speedy delivery on this shipment though. I ordered a bunch for myself, then two coworkers added their orders on to mine so we could share the shipping cost. They arrived in only 5 days!! I've had it take up to two weeks before, so I'm hoping they've improved their processes.

(sorry for the crappy photo - I took it with my phone.)

Do you have a favorite flavor? Did you even know what a vitatop was before this post?

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