36 days

Only 36 days until Christmas!! I'm super excited for Christmas this year. Due to the hubs being allergic to cats, we are going to host "the six of us" Christmas, which includes my mom and dad, my sister and her husband, and the two of us. Growing up, we called it "just the four of us" but now that the sis and I are both married, it's The Six of Us.

So Christmas day, everyone will come over to our house. I'm not sure what we'll cook, because traditionally my mom made eggs benedict for Christmas breakfast, but I don't think we'll be eating breakfast. Maybe brunch though, so I suppose it's a possibility.

I'm also excited to decorate the new house. We bought a fake tree two years ago on clearance for $20 right after the holidays and have never been able to use it. We've hauled that huge, heavy thing from the old house to storage to the new house and I want to see it put up!

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