Some Kitchen Thoughts

I am the opposite of a morning person, so naturally I start pulling up the old tile at 8pm on a week night. Even though the hubs and I have tackled several DIY projects at our old house, putting new tile in the kitchen floor is going to be a bigger deal than I originally imagined. This mostly due to the fact that the current vinyl tile was one of those large sheets of tile, rolled out while the house was being built. Then they added molding (not a huge deal), door frames (annoying, but do-able) and cabinets (might be a deal-breaker). Also, the current vinyl tile was rolled straight from the laundry room entrance from the garage into the kitchen. Cool for the dudes building our house, except they put the carpet that goes from the living room hallway into our bedroom right on top of that vinyl tile. So, I can't peel it up without ripping the carpet too...

So the hubs and I have a major few decisions to make on this massive DIY project. Stay tuned.

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