You bet.

My sister and her husband often compete to lose weight. They set a deadline and say whoever loses the most weight by X date, gets whatever prize they bet on. Usually it's a present of some sort, like an item of clothing or digital camera for example. They usually both end up losing weight, but I've never heard the outcome of who actually "wins."

This morning I proposed this idea to the hubs. What if we competed from now until Christmas day to lose weight. He said no, because he would beat me and I would feel bad about myself. I don't think I agree with that statement, but he is so competitive that he probably would win. He also does not work in an office setting where everyone brings in treats daily like I do. I can usually do fairly well at work because I bring my lunch and therefore control my food. BUT when people bring in stuff, I feel like I should at least try it. I've heard talk of one lady bringing in pumpkin scones and that sounds amazing already. Do you know how horrible a scone is for you? It's not good. For example, an orange scone is 10 points. Compare that to a plain bagel, which is 6.

So, we have not decided whether or not to embark on this friendly competition, but I sort of hope we do. The hubs motivates me like no one else, and if he does it with me it would be even more awesome.


Katie said...

I'm doing a Biggest Loser style challenge where we go by percentage of weight lost, since everyone starts out at a different size. I think it's the fairest way to go. Would he be willing to do it that way?

Sarah said...

Who are you challenging? That would be the only fair way to to do it!