The Laundry Room Process

When we moved into the house, this is what the laundry room looked like:

Just incase you didn't notice the green on green linoleum and counter, here's a close-up (with my foot...)

So I pulled off the baseboards and started peeling up the sheet of tile.

This is what the subfloor looked like.
We started in the middle and worked our wait out, standing on each tile as we went. We bought enough tiles to cover the 10x6 laundry room (60 sq ft x $.88/tile = $53) plus a few extra in case we messed up.

Notice the spacers holding the tiles apart for the grout. We found it was much easier to cut the tile with scissors or the table saw, than using the suggested utility knife.

General oversees hub's helper putting in the last few tiles.
The next day, we pulled up all the spacers and used pre-mixed grout ($11) to give it the ceramic-look.

It was so easy to do the grout, it only took us about an hour and it comes up easily with water.

And this is the finished product. Not bad for about $65. Now the kitchen will be a much bigger challenge, with an eat-in/bay window area, there are a lot more angles to cut.


daybydaybyDenise said...

it looks really great Sarah!!!

Rebekah J said...

Hooray! that looks fantastic, I bet the kitchen will look just as great!

You officially trump my tiling :)