Germ talk

Last night I was reading a similar article, but close to this article in my SELF magazine about germs. Working at a hospital with tons of germs floating around, I'm already someone overzealous with the germ-x, but now it will probably be worse. The article talks about how this woman took samples from all the random places she touches in a day, and some microbiologist tested them for her (side note: my dad was a microbiologist). What were the findings? Basically, you people need to start washing your hands after you take a poop. The amount of feces she found everywhere is just alarming. Seriously, I'm considering yelling at people in the bathroom.

You know how when you are in the stall, and you can hear what's going on in the rest of the bathroom? You hear when people leave without washing their hands. I have such a big mouth that I might just yell out "HEY YOU! Can you wash your hands so no one has to touch your poop-germs? Thanks!!!"

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