What we did...

Here's what we accomplished this weekend (bold = done):
  • change bathroom light fixtures, paint if needed where old fixture was - we took it down, but then realized the new fixture was too heavy to replace the old one because there's no stud to attach it to... this is consider WIP (work in progress)
  • pull up old kitchen floor, lay new kitchen floor and grout - this one is waiting till after the party. We want to make sure it's done right, and not rushed. Goal: Festivus.
  • change hallway light fixture
  • finish staining the fence (ran out of time... hopefully it will get done this week.)
  • new bed is being delivered on Saturday (YAY! KING SIZE!!) so put that together
  • situate queen bed in guest room
  • have fun at trivia tonight
  • see New Moon (hubs is not participating in this activity.)
  • clean like crazy - another WIP.

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