A strange day.

Today brought back a lot of high school memories. I went to the craft fair at my alma mater with my mom. Not only did I shop at these craft fairs in HS, they benefit the band so I also helped work them during my four years there. So it was weird to be in that building again, seeing places and faces I used to see but haven't thought about it years.

Then I ran into someone from my old church. This girl was probably 2-5 while I was in high school and she sat on my lap during the service every Sunday. I can't remember how that started, but her parents were very involved in the church so maybe they asked me to watch her one time and it stuck? I don't really know, but we became good buds. I saw her today, at age 19. She's a freshman in college studying veterinary science. It was so strange to talk to her as a young adult, but probably just as strange for her. She asked me how old I was when we were buds and she said she thought I was an adult then.

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