Christmas time.

It's officially Christmas season for me. I know it's not Thanksgiving yet, but I love Christmas music and I ordered our Christmas cards today. I've started shopping too and have a pile of presents (even though there are only a handful of presents there right now) ready to be wrapped. For my own Christmas present, I'm planning on buying a new camera on black Friday, so I've been researching cameras for weeks now. I think I've finally made a decision, but I'll keep you waiting until I purchase :)

While we were on our trip I bought an ornament with Niagara Falls on it. I think I want to start collecting ornaments to put on our tree. That way, every year we can reminisce about all the places we've been together. I'll have to pick up an extra from Key West since I didn't get one the first time we were there. My parents have a tradition of getting a fridge magnet from everywhere they go, but our fridge is already full of magnets, so I don't think I want to continue that tradition.

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