The Kitchen

The hubs and I are slowly but surely taking steps to improve the aesthetics of our kitchen. I absolutely hate the green-on-green look. I hated the wallpaper so much that I peeled it all off in one night. We've picked out new floors and counters, and are half-way through replacing the white appliances with black/stainless. Our new stainless fridge will be arriving thanksgiving, so the only white one left will be the dishwasher.

Our goal is to replace the hunter green floor with a nice gray colored "luxury vinyl" peel and stick tile prior to my upcoming graduation party. At least 2 of the three hideous things will be removed before a bunch of people come over to hang out. We actually bought the supplies back in July, but then football season took over the precise, muscled-half of our team. I'm not about to tackle a DIY project without that, so we've waited. Now that football is over, we are about to get back on track.

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