How many of you have started thinking about what to give for Christmas presents? I know I have. I have pretty much stopped buying for all of my girl friends except for a few. I think this was a mutually beneficial decision since most of us have hubs and families to buy for. In our case, we have little nieces and nephews who we like to spoil, so that means less money in the pot for adults. Plus the hubs and I like to buy one large gift to each other. Last year we bought a treadmill. This year we are buying a king-size bed and bedroom furniture for our room. We are still living out of the dresser that I had as a child, and the frame is from when I graduated college. Our nightstand was a table I earned when my grandma's house was divvy-ed up. It's time.

I picked out the mattresses this week, but we have yet to make a final decision on the much larger purchase - furniture.

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