Pumpkin Souffle

Not that I would ever replace pumpkin pie at Thanksgiving, I did try an alternative last night. I have been wanting pumpkin pie for a week or so, but I didn't want to make a pie. My photo of the Ted Drewes cup for lunch was a pumpkin concrete, but we all know how horrible those things are for our waistlines. So last night I made a WW recipe for pumpkin souffle. It said the level of difficulty was "difficult" so I was a little nervous. Then I got home from the store and realized I only read milk instead of evaporated milk in the ingredients. So I substituted half and half instead. I had to beat eggs into stiff peaks (a first) and cook the pumpkin before baking the entire thing in a 2.5 quart dish.

I thought it turned out pretty well. It's not nearly as sweet as pumpkin pie, but it's only 2 points per serving (compared to 8 for a regular piece of pie), so I think that's worth it to tide me over until turkey day.

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